Web Developer (SEO Team)

Job description

We’re on the hunt for a web developer. But not just any developer.

We need a builder of new tools and platforms to solve the many challenges that we face on a daily basis. You will be expected to come up with innovative solutions and be the master of your own destiny.

The briefs will be broad but the desired outcomes specific. You control the big bit in the middle. Pretty exciting, right?

So if you’re tired of just building websites day in, day out, and feel the need for something more varied and challenging, then this is the role you’re looking for.

You’ll be an experienced web developer capable of working on front-end and back-end systems, ideally with experience working with APIs and cloud databases. You'll have the opportunity to work in your prefered development language and framework, so long as it fits our needs. You'll also be comfortable in analysing client sites and making recommendations to client developer teams so that the very best solution can be implemented.

Training and time to self-learn will be provided to keep your skills sharp so you’re always at the top of your game.

Oh, and there’s also the potential opportunity to build a new market-leading SaaS platform. More than pretty exciting, we’re sure you’ll agree.


Key responsibilities

  • To deliver expert technical SEO consultancy for colleagues and clients, ensuring our client’s websites are optimised for search to best practice standards and that client’s organic search visibility and appearance is optimal, avoiding any risk factors that may result in algorithmic or manual search penalties.
  • To consult with client development teams (either internal or external) in the prioritisation and deployment of our technical SEO recommendations.
  • To scope, build and maintain tools and platforms using PHP, MySQL and/or other suitable technologies to improve efficiency and contribute to Further’s offering to clients. For example, a tool that automatically crawls a client website and checks correct implementation of hreflang tags for international search targeting.
  • To deliver technical insight and analysis in monthly reports and quarterly review documentation for digital marketing clients.
  • To represent Further by producing blog posts, editorial content and contributing to company social media profiles to agreed targets.

Skill requirements

  • A basic understanding of on-site SEO best practice, and the passion to become an expert via structured training and self-learning via online research and testing.
    Examples include:
    • HTTP response codes
    • XML sitemaps
    • Schema.org markup
    • Robots.txt
    • Understanding how Google crawls and indexes web content
    • Site speed, and solutions to improve page loading times
    • Using crawl software such as Screaming Frog
    • Analysing and interpreting data from Google Search Console
  • Strong development knowledge, including ability to write code that queries APIs, stores and analyses data. Experience with MySQL, cloud data storage (e.g. Google BigQuery) and website crawling/data extraction preferred.
  • Experience with front-end development: HTML5, CSS, Javascript including jQuery, and deploying/troubleshooting tracking technologies such as Google Analytics.
  • Ability to research, identify and implement new techniques and processes to ensure clients retain and build search rankings despite search engine algorithm updates.
  • Excellent, persuasive verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to prepare and present well-written website analysis and client reports, and the ability to clearly explain recommendations to all levels of client stakeholders.